Growth Plan

Grow your brand and audience with features that take your live streams to the next level.

$149 per month

The Growth plan includes:

Graphic Overlays

Enhance your broadcast with graphics like logos, watermarks, lower thirds, full-screen overlays, or basic advertisements.

Highlight Clipping

Capture important moments and share them on social media by quickly clipping highlights mid- or post-broadcast.

Annual Storage

Store unlimited broadcasts on the BoxCast platform free for one year. Keep recorded broadcasts even longer if you need to.

Simulated Live

Rebroadcast a recorded or uploaded stream to your viewers and present it to them as if it were happening live.

Document Display

Provide those watching with a PDF version of the same documents you share in person, right next to your video player.

Video Markers

Help viewers easily find significant moments by naming and tagging particular points in a recorded broadcast.


Graphic Overlays

Adding images and lower thirds to a live stream has historically been pretty complicated, so it's been off the table for most broadcasters. BoxCast’s Graphic Overlays feature puts it back on the table. With Graphic Overlays, it’s never been easier to add your organization’s logo to the corner of your stream. You can also display speaker titles, event hashtags, and graphics promoting sponsors and donors. Just upload the image of your choice and push it to your live broadcast. It’s that easy.

Tablet showing stream and graphic overlays feature

Highlight Clipping + sharing

All of your viewers may not be able to tune in to your entire live stream or watch the whole thing after it’s over. For this reason, we’ve made it simple for you to capture significant moments from your broadcast and share them on social media (or elsewhere) in smaller segments through Highlight Clipping. This lets your community stay connected with your events, even if life gets busy.

Tablet showing highlight clipping a live stream

1 year of storage

There’s no limit to how many events you can store within your BoxCast account. With the Growth plan, you get one year of storage for each of your live broadcasts. After one year, you can pay a monthly storage fee so that your audience can continue to watch archived videos. Want to avoid storage fees? Download or export videos — at no extra cost — and then configure your account to auto-delete video archives.

Laptop showing stored videos in the BoxCast dashboard

Simulated Live

Sometimes it’s advantageous to rebroadcast a stream with high engagement or upload a video recording and schedule it for a future time to build excitement and foster interaction. With Simulated Live, you can present an event to your viewers that seems like it’s happening in real time even though it’s not. Don’t worry — your secret’s safe with us!

Tablet showing rebroadcasting in the BoxCast dashboard

Custom Document Display

Providing your viewers with relevant documentation directly alongside your broadcast is essential in many live streaming contexts. Simply upload a PDF version of the material you distribute to your in-person attendees, and it’ll display next to your embedded player for everyone online to easily access.

Laptop showing document display in the BoxCast dashboard

Video Markers

If your audience might be wondering, “When will the announcements be over?” or “At what point in the broadcast did she hit that go-ahead triple?”, then you’ll really like what Video Markers can do. Whenever a significant moment occurs in your stream, tag and name it once your archive is ready, so viewers can find exactly what they’re looking for in no time.

Live stream and video index on a laptop

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